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Rules/How To Play The Game

The most important rule is that you never move another character without the explicit permission of the character's player. The first time you do it, you'll get a warning. Do it again, and you'll be put on moderated status. Once more, and you're out of the game. It's very easy to ask your fellow players for permission, so do so please.

You are to post in your character journal at least once a week. Failure to do so would incur the wrath of the game mod, who really isn't very scary and might end up blubbering while asking you why you have not posted yet. Trust me, you don't want the game mod blubbering at you.


The game will start officially on 18 August 2003. [Though if you want, you can start the moment you have your character's journal set up.] You are allowed one canon character at the beginning. After which, you have until 25 August 2003 to claim your second canon character. If you want more characters, please email me at [tensaipastles@random-wish.net] stating why you would want another character and that you promise that you would not let any of your other character lag behind in play.

There is no limit for the number of original character or NPCs that you want to add in the game. But all original character would be on moderated status for a month. After the month is up, a poll would be set up asking the players whether we should keep the original character or whether we think that the character is acutally a Mary Sue in disguise and should be dragged out the back and shot. [Poll results would be kept secret and only the gamemod would be privy to the result. Bribing would not work, not this time at least.]

Knowing the game mod, this game would most definitely feature homosexual themes and explicit subject matters *cough*smut*cough*. At this moment, I'm not sure if I want to restrict the players to those above 18, but as long as you show the maturity to handle any of the things that are thrown your way, there should not be a problem.

All characters must have their own character lj. If you do not have a code, please contact me.

While it is not neccessary to add the journals of the other characters to your friends list, it is advised that you do so. All character journals, however, would have to add the main community lj after_ih as this is where the community posts would go to. All OOC posts and mod posts would go up in the OOC community journal after_ih_ooc.

The main community lj [ after_ih] would be used for the posting of IM chat roleplays, third person essays and any in-character announcments. In other wods, any posts that are to be considered canon are to be posted on the community lj. All posts are to be behind cut tags. Mod announcements and OOC posts would be posted in the OOC lj [ after_ih_ooc].

There are a few ways to play the game:

1) Character ljs
This is where you post your character's entries. Anything goes here, but anything posted would be considered to be canon. All responses must be in character and take note that your responses would have an impact on the game. Mitsui cannot insult Sakuragi and not expect retribution, unless of course Sakuragi was feeling very generous.

LJ Cut entries
You also post private emails/correspondence between characters on your lj. Telephone conversations between characters are also to be posted on your character lj, with the cut tag specifying who you're calling. The rule for cut tags is that, if the post involves only one other character (like a phone conversation), then you cut it. If it was something that involved the rest of the players, then there is no need to cut tag it.

2) IM Chat roleplays/Third person essays
These are considered game canon and are to be posted on the main community lj behind cut tags.

If you decide that you might want to roleplay a scene out with one/several of the other characters, an IM chat might be the easiest way to do so.

If you are not able to play out the scene on IM, you might consider writing a scene out in third person and posting it out in the main community lj, behind a cut tag specifying that you would want another character to join you in that scene.

There is not cut and dry rule to playing the game, so if you have anything new that you might want to add or try out. Please feel free to do so, but contact the mod first. ;)

Application For Characters

Email all applications to tensaipastles@random-wish.net.

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