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Frequently Asked Questions (And The Answers To Them)
[If you have more questions, please feel free to email me or to post in after_ih_ooc]

When is this RPG set?
This RPG starts in August, the month after the Inter High School Games. Which means that your characters are still in the same year that they were in at the beginning of the manga series, since the school year in Japan starts in April.

Can I join if I don't have a livejournal?
All characters must have their own livejournals. This is how the game is played. You don't have to have your own livejournal. To set up a livejournal, you would need a code. You can either pay for one, or you can email me for a code if you need one. Though I do ask that you generate a code for me after a week so I can pass the code to someone else if need arises.

It takes a while for the new code to be generated, so do be patient. I will email you the code as soon as I can.

Would there be a problem if I don't use any of the instant messengers, like MSN?
Well, it is recommanded that you get one. It is fairly simple to register for one and to d/l the messenger. Or you can download something like trillian, which would allow you to sign on to MSN (http://msn.com), Y!M (http://yahoo.com), AIM (http://aim.com) and ICQ (http://icq.com). This would greatly facilitate planning or *plotting* if need arises.

I cannot comment on any of the characters' journals. Help?
Due to the nature of the game, only friended journals would be able to comment in the character journals. You can always post in after_ih_ooc if you have any questions or would like to respond to something.

Player Specific FAQ

If I have an original character, like a family member, do I have to create a seperate journal for them?
It would depend on you actually and how much you would want to involve your original character. You can keep the character in the background if you want, or you can have that character playing a bigger part. Just remember that all original characters will be placed on a one month moderated basis if you are making them intergal to the plot.

Where do we post the chat logs when we role play with other characters? Do we have to create a seperate chat profile for our characters?
You post any chat log role play in the main community lj [after_ih] so that the rest of the players may respond to the scene if needed. Same goes for any third person posts. Rule is, if the scene is going to involve any other character/s in the rpg, you post it in after_ih. Unless of course it's something like a telephone call or a private scene between two characters, then by all means put the scene on your character own lj.

You do not have to create a seperate chat profile/email for your character. Most of the game should be played out on the journals.

How do we role play on the IM?
That is up to you. You can either do it

In third person:
Player 1: [Character 1] sighs. "Come on. It's bad enough that I got dragged in your couch, now I'm being dragged to your room." Smiles tiredly.
Player 2: [Character 2] strokes [Character 1]' hair gently. "You're tired. Let's go." Pulls [Character 1] up.
Player 1: Sighs again, muttering about pushovers but allows to be dragged anyway.
Player 2: Closes the door behind them, leading [Character 1] into the dim room and his bed. Climbs into one side of the bed, leaving the other for [Character 1].

Or first:
Sendoh: Come on, you know you wanna shag me. *grins*
Maki: ...Yeah. Might as well.
[Note: I didn't think of the scenarios.]

After which, you save the logs, do the neccessary editing and post it up either on your character's lj or after_ih

What else do we post on after_ih?
This is not an exhaustive list. As the game grow, I'm sure that there would be other things popping up here and there. At this point in time:

Announcments by the characters go to after_ih. For instance, Aida wants to organise a trip to Osaka, he would post it in the main lj community.

Chat logs between three or more characters should be posted in after_ih too.

Private emails, telephone conversations, letters, private correspondence, voicemail/answering machine messages should be posted in the respective character journals.

Do I have to join after_ih_ooc with my character's account?
No, there is no need for you to do so. But all characters have to join after_ih.

Do I have to friend all the characters' journals?
It is up to you if you want to friend the characters' journals on your own private lj. But all the characters are required to friend the other characters' journals.

Would I have to give a lot of basketball references?
Since this game deals with the characters outside of their basketball activities, you don't have to be really well versed in the sport. Though some references to the sport would be nice, seeing as how the characters are basketball players.

If I write about something that happened during, say a training session, would I have to consult with the other characters?
Again, this would depend on the significance of the meeting, or event. If it was something important like Hikoichi telling Sendoh that Sendoh's been kicked off the team, then it would be reasonable for Hikoichi to write about Sendoh's reaction in his journal. It is always better to be cautious and I would suggest either emailing the player first or the mod, if you were planning some big plot change.

Can I do friends' locked posts or private posts on my character's journal?
Yes you can. You do all "friend's locked" posts and private posts behind an lj cut tag -> < lj-cut text="subject here" >Your post here< /lj-cut > (without the spaces).