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Playlist: Phone
Date: Wednesday, 30 April 2008
Feel Your Breeze - V6 Japanese
Heart Station - 宇多田ヒカル [Utada Hikaru] Japanese
Holler - Spice Girls
Miss You - M-Flo loves Melody and Yamamoto Ryohei Japanese
More Than That - Backstreet Boys
The Rage Beat - Seki Tomozaku as Shindo Shuichi - Gravitation Japanese
Take My Breath Away - Emma Bunton
There's a Fine, Fine Line - Kathy Monster - Avenue Q
Way Back Into Love (Demo Version) - Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore - OST Music and Lyrics
Won't Go Home Without You - Maroon 5
ひとりぼっちのハブラシ [hitori bocchi no haburashi] - TOKIO [Nagase Tomoya as Sakuraba Yuuichiro] - OST Mokudono Japanese
上海姑娘 [Shang hai gu niang] - 张信哲 [Jeff Chang] Chinese
世界唯一的你 - 台湾版 [Shi jie wei yi de ni - Taiwan version] - 曹格 [Cao Ge] Chinese
原来是你 [Yuan lai shi ni] - 庾澄慶 [Harlem Yu] Chinese
太傻 [tai sha] - 巫启贤 [Eric Moo] Chinese
太陽の涙 [Taiyou no namida] - NewS Japanese
心碎了无痕 [xing sui le wu shang] - 张学友 [Jacky Cheung] Chinese
情系半生 [qing xi ban shen] - 张学友 [Jacky Cheung] Cantonese
把你藏起来 [ba ni chang qi lai] - Alex Toh Chinese
爱那么重 [ai na me zhong] - 巫启贤 [Eric Moo] Chinese
男人KTV [nan ren KTV] - 胡彦斌 [Anson Hu] Chinese
遥远的她 [yao yuan de ta] - 张学友 [Jacky Cheung] Cantonese
青春狂騒曲 [Seishun Kyosokyoku] - Sambomaster - OST Naruto Japanese
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