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Playlist: Heh
Date: Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Pretty woman [Roy Orbison] - Rockapella
Flying Bicycle - Echizen Ryoma & Momoshiro Takashi [Prince of Tennis] Japanese
Folgers Commercial - Rockapella
Drowning - Backstreet Boys
Electronic Lady - Marque
Mienai Tsubasa - Gash Version [Konjiki no Gash Bell] Japanese
Shape of my heart - Backstreey Boys
一千年以后 [Yi qian nian yi hou] - 林俊杰 [Wayne Lin Jun Jie] Chinese
回到过去 [Hui dao guo qu] - 周杰倫 [Jay Zhou Jie Lun] Chinese
我只是想要 [Wo zhi shi xiang yao] - 陳偉聯 [Chen Wei Lian] Chinese
简单爱 [Jian dan ai] - 周杰倫 [Jay Zhou Jie Lun] Chinese
飘雪 [Piu Sheet] - 陈慧娴 [Chen Hui Xian] Cantonese
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