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Playlist: Chuchuchu
Date: Monday, March 13, 2006
Don't look back in Anger - Oasis
Drowning - Backstreet Boys
Ghetto Superstar - Mya ft Busta Rhymes [incomplete]
High High High - Zhang Hui Mei
I wanna dance with somebody - Whitney Housten
Mr Lonely - Akon
Picture - Kid Rock ft Sheryl Crow
Pieces of a dream - Chemistry Japanese
Pretty woman [Roy Orbison] - Rockapella
Shape of my heart - Backstreey Boys
Shounen yo, shinjiru nakama yo - Roy Mustang [Tohru Okawa] [FMA] Japanese
Sunday morning - Maroon 5
Super trouper - Abba
The tide is high - Atomic Kitten
Video killed the radio star - Presidents of the USA
When you're looking like that - Westlife
好心分手 [Hao xing fen shou] - 王力宏, 卢巧音 Chinese
忘了哭 [Wang le ku] - 張學友 [Jacky Cheung] Chinese
愛.恨.難 [Ai. Hen. Nan] - 陳偉聯 [Chen Wei Lian] Chinese
我只是想要 [Wo zhi shi xiang yao] - 陳偉聯 [Chen Wei Lian] Chinese
讲你知 [Gong lei zhi] - 張學友 [Jacky Cheung] Cantonese
领悟 [Ling wu] - 辛晓琪 [Xing Siao Qi] Chinese

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