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Playlist: BEER FOR ALL
Date: Friday, 08 July 2006
精灵 [Jing ling] - 林俊杰 [Wayne Lin Junjie] Chinese
熟能生巧 [Shou Neng Shen Qiao]- 林俊杰 [Wayne Lin Junjie] Chinese
木乃伊 [Mu nai yi] - 林俊杰 [Wayne Lin Junjie] Chinese
暧昧 [Ai mei] - 杨丞琳 [Raine] Chinese
What If - Kate Winslet
These are the days - O-Town
Run to you - Plus One
She is - Clazziquai Korean
Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda - Beverly Knight
Pieces of a dream - Chemistry Japanese
你那么爱她 [Ni na me ai ta] - Lee Sheng Jie & Lin Long Xuan Chinese
If you come back - Blue
If she only knew - 98 Degrees
少年 [Shao nian] - Guang Liang & 曹格 [Gary] Chinese
Superwoman - 曹格 [Gary] Chinese
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