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Playlist: Once Again
Date: Wednesday , 16 February 2011
612星球 [612 Xing Qiu] - S.H.E [Chinese]
Believe - Folder 5 [Japanese] - Opening theme - One Piece
落叶归根 [luo ye gui gen] - 王力宏 [Wong Lee Hom] [Chinese]
Flavor of Life [Ballad Version] - 宇多田ひかる [Utada Hikaru] [Japanese]
Hot N Cold - Katy Perry
Just the way you are - Bruno Mars
Mister - Kara [Japanese]
Nothing Lasts Forever - Maroon 5
Won't go home without you - Maroon 5
你不在 [ni bu zai] - 王力宏 [Wong Lee Hom] [Chinese]
你不是真正的快乐 [ni bu shi zhen zheng de kuai le] - 五月天 [Mayday][Chinese]
在每一秒裡都想見到你 [zai mei yi miao li duo xiang jian dao ni] - 王力宏 [Wong Lee Hom] [Chinese]
好想你 [hao xiang ni] - 王力宏 [Wong Lee Hom] [Chinese]
我爱他 [wo ai ta] - 叮当 [Ding Dang] [Chinese]
爱情转移 [ai qing zhuan yi] - 陈奕迅 [Eason] [Chinese]
爱的就是你 (浪漫版) [ai de jiu shi ni] - 王力宏 [Wong Lee Hom] [Chinese]
猜不透 [cai bu tou] - 叮当 [Ding Dang] [Chinese]
给我一首歌的时间 [ge wo yi shou ge de shi jian] - 周杰伦 [Jay Zhou] [Chinese]
說好的幸福呢 [shuo hao de xing fu ne] - 周杰伦 [Jay Zhou] [Chinese]
雨爱 [yu ai] - 扬丞林 [Rainie Yang] [Chinese]
告白 [kokuhaku] - Funky Monkey Babys [Japanese]
故郷 [furusato] - Funky Monkey Babys [Japanese]
風 [fuu] - Funky Monkey Babys [Japanese]
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