Last updated: 25 May 2011
Icons of my newest obession - One Piece :D I also discovered that Fireworks allows you to do animated icons (albeit in a very roundabout way)... *evil laugh*

Last updated: 21 March 2011
What? What do you mean that it's been 3 years since I did anything with this page? :O!!!
Just fiddled a bit with the banner, the link lists at the bottom of the page, fixed some broken links... I'm kinda making icons again >.> kinda... will slowly upload the stuff I've already done up :D

Last updated: 14 October 2007
More icons pages up. :D

Last updated: 10 October 2007
New layout. Unfortunately, no new icons. XD Am also slowly changing the layout for the rest of the icon pages, slowly but surely. (with emphasis on slowly)

08 July 2006
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Terms of usage (XD)
> No credit needed for bases.
> If you like, please credit pastles for the rest of the icons. Much appreciated.
> Please don't claim these icons as your own

> Right click and save please. Or ctrl + save. :D
> Please email me if you find any broken links. Thank you.

> is your GOD - type FREE FONTS in the search box. Hahaha *thinks she is hilarious*
> I use Macromedia Fireworks for all my imaging needs (few as they are)

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