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いただきます~ A Naruto & Iruka Ramen Photoshoot

Thanks to Joanne Wong [FB] / [http://worldcosplay.net/member/TsukinoAkira] for inviting me to be her Iruka <3

And Bel Walker & JL Rave from De’Cyphers Cosplay [https://www.facebook.com/DeCyphersCosplay] for the photos and post-processing (No seriously, I’ve never realised how important post-processing is until I started cosplaying. hahahha!) and Bel for being a totally awesome photographer.

Iruka is totally my favourite character in the Naruto series. :> And I adore his relationship with Naruto (although I do think that Kishimoto kept it a bit simple, but then, Naruto really is more about the action and Uchiha angst)

Some of the pictures are so cute XD I’m so glad for a cute Naruto ahahahahah Also, I need to improve on that hair. >.< I’ll still be cosing Iruka now-and-then, since he’s not too difficult a character to cosplay. Hahahaha Still on a lookout for a Kakashi to fulfil my KakaIru *ahem* fantasies *ahem*

I really should update this page more. hahaha