(Merry Christmas &) Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
(Yes, I know this is late, and yes, I know, this is from Christmas)

Photo credits: Mavis Teo @ FB

Was Iruka-sensei for Cosfest Christmas. Meant to have a Kakashi, but she fell sick. D: In the end, I… err… kinda hijacked a random Kakashi for a kabedon pic. hahahahah But I went because I had a Naruto. But in the end, we just ended up… not doing much XD (I’ll search for some of the photos I took and upload them later hahahaha) Also, I forgot my chest binder, hence the boobs OTL I want to re-cos Iruka. Still need to cut my wig shorter so It’ll stick up better. I had to buy an extension because the ponytail was too thin. Will do better next time hahhaahahaha

My 2015 New Year’s Resolution is to be nicer to people. So far… have not been too successful. I need to be less judgmental and bitchy. *koffs* Oh well. I should also try to save money this year. *looks at wallet* I made this decision yesterday, after spending $400+ on Naruto figurines. My wallet cries but my fangirl heart is rolling around happily like a horse rolls around on the grass. Hahaha I will have to eat grass for the rest of the month.