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Of fangirling and good timing

So, I’m going to Japan next year in March in 83 days. Omg, I am so excited you have no idea how excited I am, like, if I was any more excited, the vibrations from my excitement would cause earthquakes here in Singapore. :DDDDD

Naruto Live Stage play!

So, yes… There will be a Naruto stage play. That news has been floating around the internets for a while… what’s making me totally go out of my fangirl mind is that it opens the week I am in Japan. OH MAI GAWD. I was screaming (internally, of course) when I saw when the opening dates were. Unfortunately, the tickets are going on a lottery basis OTL I’ve signed up for all the timings that I’m in Japan for. So here’s keeping my fingers crossed.

Nope, I’m decidedly not thinking about the Naruto exhibition that starts on April 25. Why did I move baaaack?! (TwTlll)

Anyways, so here’s hoping that I’d be able to get tickets to ONE show >.< Well, the results for the lottery will come out Jan 8, after which, they'll open the ticket sale to public. That way, I'd be able to plan my trip (which went from a one person trip to a 5 people trip as my colleagues bought tickets for the same period of time hahahaha It will be an otaku fest) And if I don't get the tickets this time round, they're bringing the show to Singapore, so I'll definitely watch it then XD

All about the checking

So… I don’t know why I didn’t see it when I was making them, but I totally screwed up the colours for the scrolls I made for Kankuro. The colours are meant to be red on the outside and green on the inside. For some reason, my brain thought it was green on the outside and red on the inside! OTL Does this mean I’m going to have to make them again? I wonder if I can just paste the new colours over the current one that I have. Or do I just say, “Fuck it.” and keep them as they are? Oh well, I’ll just try on one of them first.

Also, just realised that I should have bandaged my legs for Kankuro during AFA too. I suck. D: Will do better when I do a photoshoot for him. Ahahahhaah

Naruto Photoshoot Oct 2014

It was too early, and too bright, but I had no choice. It was FINALLY TIME! It was time for my second and BIGGEST photoshoot of my cosplay life (even though, it’s been only 10 months since I started cosplaying). And it was of a series that was really near and dear to my heart.

Naruto – Stupid loud ninjas for the win

Still can’t get over the fact that the series is over, which sadly also means that there won’t be that many cosplayers doing this series anymore 🙁 But hahah there will always be the crazy fans like me.

We started planning this ages ago, and would you believe it when I say that Naruto, you know, the main protagonist, was one of the last characters to have a cosplayer? hahahah I think most of my Naruto team were relatively new cosplayers and so we didn’t know that many people? Oh well.

I’m so pleased with my photos, mostly taken by Khairul of Shutter Fingers because I knew him before the photoshoot and was a bit more shameless in asking him for the photos that I wanted.

And I was so happy to find a Naruto willing to do my creepy Gaara x Naruto photos with XD We even got her cup noodles (which reminds me, did we pay back for it?) for… authenticity. hahahahaha *Totally did not care that we were wearing outfits from completely different arcs*

And am always so totally… grateful to the gods of cosplay for putting me in the right place at the right time for me to spot my forever Sand Sibling XD I was at the Singapore Toys, Games, & Comics Convention 2014 and was talking to someone when from the corner of my eye, I see… a TEMARI. Omg. It was destiny. I immediately went up to her, even though I’ve never spoken to her before, and was like:

P: *eyes sparkling* Hiiii! Can I take a photo with you? (Note: I was trying not to spazz to much)

*after taking photo*

P: I usually do Gaara (and I could tell Temari was happy to hear that), would you like to join a Naruto photoshoot in Oct? *HOPEFUL LOOK*

And that was the start of a beautiful sibling-ship XD

Looking at those photos, there is so much I need to improve on, especially my expressions XD I think I’m rather stiff in my photos… I should stop picking expressionless characters to cosplay.

I’ve only uploaded the photos that I’m in, to see the rest of the photos, please visit Shutter Fingers and give his album a LIKE 😉

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