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(Merry Christmas &) Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
(Yes, I know this is late, and yes, I know, this is from Christmas)

Photo credits: Mavis Teo @ FB

Was Iruka-sensei for Cosfest Christmas. Meant to have a Kakashi, but she fell sick. D: In the end, I… err… kinda hijacked a random Kakashi for a kabedon pic. hahahahah But I went because I had a Naruto. But in the end, we just ended up… not doing much XD (I’ll search for some of the photos I took and upload them later hahahaha) Also, I forgot my chest binder, hence the boobs OTL I want to re-cos Iruka. Still need to cut my wig shorter so It’ll stick up better. I had to buy an extension because the ponytail was too thin. Will do better next time hahhaahahaha

My 2015 New Year’s Resolution is to be nicer to people. So far… have not been too successful. I need to be less judgmental and bitchy. *koffs* Oh well. I should also try to save money this year. *looks at wallet* I made this decision yesterday, after spending $400+ on Naruto figurines. My wallet cries but my fangirl heart is rolling around happily like a horse rolls around on the grass. Hahaha I will have to eat grass for the rest of the month.

Of fangirling and good timing

So, I’m going to Japan next year in March in 83 days. Omg, I am so excited you have no idea how excited I am, like, if I was any more excited, the vibrations from my excitement would cause earthquakes here in Singapore. :DDDDD

Naruto Live Stage play!

So, yes… There will be a Naruto stage play. That news has been floating around the internets for a while… what’s making me totally go out of my fangirl mind is that it opens the week I am in Japan. OH MAI GAWD. I was screaming (internally, of course) when I saw when the opening dates were. Unfortunately, the tickets are going on a lottery basis OTL I’ve signed up for all the timings that I’m in Japan for. So here’s keeping my fingers crossed.

Nope, I’m decidedly not thinking about the Naruto exhibition that starts on April 25. Why did I move baaaack?! (TwTlll)

Anyways, so here’s hoping that I’d be able to get tickets to ONE show >.< Well, the results for the lottery will come out Jan 8, after which, they'll open the ticket sale to public. That way, I'd be able to plan my trip (which went from a one person trip to a 5 people trip as my colleagues bought tickets for the same period of time hahahaha It will be an otaku fest) And if I don't get the tickets this time round, they're bringing the show to Singapore, so I'll definitely watch it then XD


If my favourite star did this, I’d have been freaking out

I like to watch happy videos, especially videos of big stars doing something nice for their fans. Regardless of whether they did it for the publicity or not, you cannot deny that such actions make many people happy.

I wonder if they understood the power they have? I’m sure that the ones who’ve been in the industry longer, or who are older, understand. But I wonder if the younger ones do? That they’re under the eye of so many people and that so many younger people look up to them. I think with popularity, comes the responsibility of acting… well… responsible. Sure, you can’t take responsibility for the actions of your fans and others, but I think you (as in a famous “you”) should have the awareness that what you do will affect many people…

Mike test… mike test… 1, 2, 3

Hello all, and welcome… no, come closer, I won’t bite… really. Do I look like I want to contact some sort of unknown disease?

Well, I guess, as the first “official” post of this blog, I really should be more serious about it. *pfft* Nope, not possible.

A perfect snapshot of what my life is like nowadays

Because of AFA in December, and the fact that I have cosplay plans this year, I’m going to become busy over the next few weekends. Making props for both my cosplays for AFA (Because taobao failed me for one. Aieeee) >.< Not to mention that I'm 11 days delayed for Nanowrimo this year. OTL AFA 2014 will mark my one year anniversary cosplaying, even though, strictly speaking, my one year anniversary was last weekend as AFA 2013 was in November last year. Hahahaha Eh... close enough. So, let's see who I've cosplayed for the past year: 1. Magi - Morgiana (AFA 2013, Cosfest 2014, J Ob 2014, FAM 2014, Anime Cosplay Meeting 2014) - My first EVER cosplay! :3 I picked her because I had just started reading Magi, and was pleasantly surprised by a likable girl character in a shonen manga. And she was relatively easy to do in terms of make up. 2. One Piece - Sanji!Nami - Punk Hazard Arc (AFA 2013) - I miss this one. Want to do Nami again! 3. Naruto - Gaara (BLush Con 2014, Comifest 2014, Cosfest 2014) - I made that damn gourd... and it shrinks at the end aaaah 4. Naruto - Hinata (EOY 2014, ICDS 2014) 5. Street Fighter 4 - Makoto (Gamestart 2014) 6. Shingeki no Kyojin - Hanji Zoe (J Ob 2014) - I forgot that I ever did her! muahahaha I gave up after once. We got the 3DM but in the end, it broke before I even used it once D: 7. Gintama - Elizabeth (STGCC 2014) - Because Sugita was there for the first day! I stayed all the way up till 10am the day of the event to finish the thing hahahahahaha

On-going Projects & Upcoming Events: 2014

Exciting times
* Katekyo Hitman Reborn photoshoot – 23 Nov 2014
* AFA SG 2014 – 5, 6, 7 Dec 2014
* Cosfest Christmas – 20, 21 Dec 2014

Current Projects
* Katekyo Hitman Reborn – Chrome / Mukuro trident (FINISHED)
* Katekyo Hitman Reborn – Chrome eyepatch (FINISHED)
* Katekyo Hitman Reborn – Hibari tonfa (FINISHED)
* Naruto – Kankuro’s scrolls (FINISHED) *so going to DIE*
* One Piece – Film Z Nami armour 0%

Cosplans (hahahaha!)
* Naruto: Iruka
* Naruto: Shikamaru
* Naruto: Temari
* Naruto: Rock Lee
* Naruto: The Last movie!Hinata
* Naruto: 5th Mizukage Terumī Mei
* One Piece: Zoro (genderbend)
* One Piece: Film Z – Nami
* Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Squallo
* Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Mukuro
* Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Fran
* Bleach: Gin (genderbend)
* Fairy Tail: Erza Scarlett

List Updated: 23 Dec 2014